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Catholic Primary School

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Acceptable Use of Computers

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Everyone who uses a computer in our school needs to follow these rules.

  1. Be polite - never send or encourage others to send abusive messages.
  2. Use kind words in our e mails so that we do not upset anyone.
  3. To only keep usernames and passwords private. You must also be careful not to reveal your address and telephone number on the internet or to anyone else that you are not friends with.
  4. To not use social networking sites or chat rooms while you are on a school computer.
  5. Be aware of the web sites you are visiting and report ones that you do not think are suitable to a member of staff straight away.
  6. If you are using a memory stick in a school computer, make sure it has been checked for viruses first. We need to make sure our network is safe.
  7. The computers and internet are used for work and not to play games.
  8. When you leave a computer, it is logged off safely and in a reasonable state so that others can use it.

Anyone who does not follow these rules when using a school computer will have a privilege removed.

Remember - never leave a computer logged on - your files will not be secure.