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Anti Bullying Week

 We learnt about bullying during our assembly and also in our PSHE and RE lessons. We thought about what it means to be bullied and how we would feel. We also explored what we can do to stop bullying and to make our school a happy place for everyone. Here are some of our poems and anti bullying posters. A winner was chosen from each class and they were given a certificate and prize during our praise assembly. The winners were: Year R - Isobel, Year 1 - Oliver, Year 2 - Max, Year 3 - Paige, Year 4 - Theo, Year 5 - Charlie and Year 6 - George.

Friends Rule

If you want a friend, better not pretend,

        Be kind and respect your friend,

       Bullying isn’t cool.

       You’re acting like a fool.

       Follow the anti –bullying rule if you want to be cool.

       Friends always rule.

       So never be cruel, simply follow these rules.

       Treat your friends as you would like to be treated.




By Lawrence Year 6

The Bully
You make me shout and always cry.
Why won't you please just tell me why?
You always think you are really cool.
Don't you know you're just a fool.
I know that you are jealous
I wish that you would leave me be.
Never have I felt so much pain.
I wonder if it is your middle name.
You think I'm weak but really I am strong
The things you do are really wrong.
Today I'm going to tell someone.
Then your evil plan shall be undone.
By Charlie Year 5 
It started as comments that made me feel two inches tall, but I stayed silent.
I held it in and I smiled and I grinned, but I truly felt like a fool,
Then I got home and said everything was fine,
however I truly knew they were out of line!
Next it was sneers and icy glares,
Slight nudges and shoving down the stairs.
Still I smiled and grinned my feelings away, hoping and praying "it's just a bad day."
Then came the lying ...
"She punched me""She hurt me!""She said I was this ..."
"Help" I cried inside "Please miss!"
I drowned in my misery sinking slowly in pain,
I started to believe I was going insane.
After came the pushing, the kicking, the tricking.
I felt like I wanted to disappear, what could I do?
I thought "there always near, I can't move I'm frozen to a wall.
Maybe I could run to Mel, then with her I could tell!"
By Giselle  Year 6 
When you're getting picked on,
Or bullied by some kids,
Always remember the number one rule,
When you feell left out,
And never get to play,
Never forget our number one rule,
When they call you names,
And your feelings hurt inside,
You should know by now our number one rule,
You can't hold it in,
You've got to say,
All you've got to do is,
You've finally said,
You should feel glad,
Now that you know how to,
The bullies let you play,
You no longer feel alone,
Look at the difference it makes when you,
By Ibukun Year 5 
Georgie Year 5