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Joining our Family - Welcome to St William of Perth
Things are a little different this year and we are unable to welcome you into our school family as we normally would. Nevertheless, despite the unprecedented times, you and your child are still a priority for us and we aim to give you as much information as we possibly can. Keep checking the school website, in particular this page for updated information and guidance for when your child start their journey with us. 
Parent Induction Meeting
Please click on the link below to view our Induction Video. We hope this video answers many of the questions you may have, as well as it being an opportunity to virtually meet members of our school community who will help you and your child transition into school. We look forward to meeting you at your 'Parent Interview' soon.  
 Head Teachers Welcome

Welcome to St William of Perth Catholic Primary. As your child is joining our school family for the first time, we warmly welcome you and look forward to a long and happy association in the years to come. We hope you find this web page useful as you start to prepare your child for transition into school.

We believe our children deserve the very best. Within the school mission statement it says that the aims of the school are “to nourish the growth of all its members as persons illuminated by the light of Christ”. All of our staff work as a team to support learners to reach their potential within a stimulating learning environment and a rich curriculum while the pupils are polite, happy and very enthusiastic. We continually strive for excellence and to give all children the confidence to achieve their true potential.

We always put the children and their learning first at St William of Perth.

At St. William of Perth Catholic Primary School, we believe that we can only truly achieve the best for your child by close co-operation between home and school. We will look forward to welcoming you and your child as part of our school family.

We trust you will fully support our induction programme and information about this will be made available on this webpage.

Mr J. Willis


Miss Dormedy’s welcome.

I would like to warmly welcome you to the St William of Perth family, and to St John’s class. What an exciting new adventure you, and your child are about to embark on. Starting school is an exceptional time in itself however we understand that transition into school will not take the same form this year as it may have done before. We are doing everything we can to put plans into place to support your child to feel happy and safe when they begin their journey with us.

Story time with Miss Dormedy
We're Going on a Bear Hunt! -
Timings for St John's Class 

Children will start at 9:30 am and finish at 11:45am from Friday 4th September – Friday 11th September.

Children will start at 8.40 am and finish at 1pm from Monday 14th September – Friday 18th September.

Children will start at 8:40 am and finish at 3pm from Monday 21st September.

You will collect your children from the gate outside the Reception classroom.

The curriculum

Reception is a truly exciting, yet vital year of your child’s education as it is the beginning of their time at school, however also the last year they learn using the foundation stage curriculum. In reception we use the same curriculum that is used in nurseries, however at a higher and deeper level. Therefore, we build on the skills they have learnt at home and at nursery and prepare them for Year One. The importance of play underpins all areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage. This includes literacy; maths; personal, social and emotional development; communication and language, physical development; understanding the world and expressive arts and design.


Love of Learning

Learning in Early Years is taught in a cross-curricular way. Our aim is to build a love of learning and enthusiasm. This is achieved through knowing your child’s personal interests, having exciting and engaging topics and ‘hooking’ them into their learning. Literacy and Maths are taught in three ways, through whole class teaching, small focused group activities and child initiated independent learning. At the end of the Early Years Foundation stage your child will become an independent learner, having developed the skills they need to use as a foundation for all future learning. This learning takes place both indoors and outdoors. In addition to this, your child will be taught phonics on a daily basis to enhance their reading and writing skills and have weekly RE sessions to help grow their awareness of the Catholic faith.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

In St John’s Class learning takes place both inside and out, in all weathers. There are so many fantastic learning opportunities for your child to learn outside and develop their understanding of the world and the processes within it. Therefore we do ask that all children have named coats and wellies as this will allow them to access these learning opportunities all year round.


  Click the link below to watch a guided tour of the classroom!

Religious education is taught using a scheme call The Way, The Truth and The Life. Within this, children are taught about the following areas; God’s World, God’s Family, Getting to know Jesus, Sorrow and Joy, New Life and The Church. Religious Education is taught not only in discrete lessons, but also in a holistic way, underpinning daily life at school. The children apply their knowledge of religious education in a variety of ways including art, drama, song and writing. We have a prayer focal area in the classroom where the children are encouraged to spend time and reflect. We visit the church attend mass with the rest of the school community


All children in Reception, Year One and Year Two are provided with a piece of free fruit or vegetables everyday. Nevertheless, you may provide your child with a piece of fruit if you wish.

Children will be given a water bottle when they start school. Only water is allowed and children have access to this throughout the day. Children are given frequent reminders to drink plenty of water. Limited cups are available in case your child forgets their bottle.

All children under the age of 5 years old are entitled to free milk, however you do still have to complete the form that will be given to you in your New Parent Information Pack. Once your child turns 5, if you still wish for them to have milk there is a small fee. You will have to fill in the form again. Please note that there is a slight delay of about a week between submitting the forms to ‘Cool Milk’ and when your child will receive their milk.

All children at St William of Perth are encouraged to each school dinners, they are free! There is a lot of research that shows having school dinners has a positive impact on children’s learning at school. We will provide you with a menu in September. It is helpful to go through the options with your child each morning and talk through which option they would like to choose. There is also a salad cart available daily, where children have a choice of healthy salad options and bread. The children love them – “I love the food at school, it’s all very very yummy!”


How can I help prepare my child for school?

There is lots you can do at home to prepare your child for school. Here is the big news: when your child starts primary school, we do not expect them to be able to read and write!

Every child comes to school with different experiences and skills. It is our job to ensure that all children have equal opportunity to develop the necessary skills and knowledge throughout their time with us.

There are many things that you can do with your child that make the transition into school easier for everyone. Below is a list of things that we would love your child to be able to do or to have practised when they come into school:

  • Dress themselves: girls should have a go at putting on and taking off tights if they are going to wear these to school. Some parents choose to send their girls into school wearing socks on PE days. Boys, have a go at using the zips on trousers!
  • Put on and take off their own shoes: Velcro shoes, not laces or buckles please!
  • Go to the toilet independently: including wiping themselves and washing their hands. We cannot and will not do this for them.
  • Earrings: if your child wears earrings, these have to be removed for PE lessons. Your child must be able to remove their own earrings for PE but if they can't, this must be done by parents before school

We will of course never leave a child to do something themselves if they can't and there will be children who have very specific needs. We will always encourage a child to have a go if we think it is appropriate and then support them in being successful.


There are also some activities that you can start doing with your child: 
· Start helping them to recognise their name. This encourages independence when they need to get their own coat, bag and jumper/ cardigan!


  •   Encourage lots of drawing and mark making at home – but don’t force it. The most important thing is for children to enjoy what they are doing. 
  • Playing with playdough/ lego/ small toys helps to strengthen the muscles in your child’s fingers which will help them when they are eventually ready to write!
  • Play counting games – count the stairs as they climb them. How many steps to the next lamppost on your walk… subtle games like this can all have such a positive impact on their awareness of numbers!
  • TALK to them! It sounds silly but talking to your child about their day, how they are feeling and what they have been up to all really helps to develop their communication and language skills. Reading a story as part of their bed time routine is another vital part of their journey to being a confident listener, speaker and eventually a reader too!
  • Recommended books about starting school



Teacher, parent communications are imperative to the wellbeing of your child whilst at school. In many ways, transitioning into school can be just as difficult for parents as it is for the child. Currently, you may be receiving weekly or even daily notices about what your child is getting up to at nursery . This does not happen in a school setting. Through preparing your child for school and having conversations with them, your child should be able to tell you about what they have been doing. This takes a bit of training but is something you should start now to help them.

On the class website I put up a weekly overview of the learning that has taken place, and this is a great resource for you to use to talk about with your child and ask them what they have been doing throughout the week. If there are incidents in class that need to be discussed with yourselves I will ask to talk to you at the end of the day or arrange a meeting. We also have a contact book where you can communicate with myself. Please use this as a way of letting me know any information that may be useful, for example if they didn’t have a good night sleep or if they are feeling a little under the weather.

I will also be on the school gate at the end of the day if you need to discuss anything with me.

We aim to keep this page updated with information useful for you and your child to prepare for school.

If you have any questions or queries please contact the school office via email on or via telephone on 01634 404267. We have an answerphone if we are unable to take you call, so please leave a message and contact number.