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E-safety Key Stage One

Think then Click

These rules help us to stay safe when we are using the internet at school and at home.

  • I will only use the internet when an adult is with me like my parents or my teacher.
  • I will only click on the buttons or links when I know what they do or when I am told that they are safe for me to click on them.
  • I will always search the internet with an adult.
  • I will always ask for help if I get lost on the internet.
  • I will let an adult know if I find a site that upsets me.
  • I will only open e mails from people I know, if I am not sure, I will always as an adult.
  • I will only write polite and friendly e mails to my friends, teachers and parents.
  • I understand that if I do not behave sensibly on the internet or computer that I will not be allowed to use it for a while.

We explain these rules to the children by using SMART rules posters from childnet. SMART posters are displayed in every classroom near computers.

At St William of Perth, all pupils of all ages have access to computers that can access the internet as an essential part of their learning. Both pupils and parents are asked to sign below to say that the e safety rules have been understood, discussed and agreed. As part of the curriculum, work may occasionally be published on password protected sites such as the school website; however, full names will not be published. If you are concerned about this or would like to know more about safeguarding your child on the internet, please make an appointment to see our Internet Safety Co-ordinator.

Links for Parents/Carers and Young People:

If you would like further guidance on how to encourage your child to develop safe practices when using digital technology click on the links below to download further information or visit the following websites.

Guidance on Social Networking Childnet
Supporting Young People Online Childnet  
SMART Rules for safer internet use
E-Safety Parents Guide Kent County Council


Internet Safety Day Parent Workshop

Many thanks to those parents that attended our e-safety workshop as part of our Internet Safety Day in Term 5.  If you were unable to attend then you can access the presentation here.  Here are also the resources that were available on the day along with a few additional resources:

Social Networking Guide
Facebook Guide
Musical.ly Guide
Instagram Guide
Snapchat Guide
YouTube Guide
Roblox Guide
Fortnite Guide