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Our prospectus is intended to help you know and understand a little more about the life and work of our school.  If your child is to join our school family for the first time, we warmly welcome you and look forward to a long and happy association in the years to come.

St. William of Perth Catholic Primary School is situated approximately one mile south of the City of Rochester, Rochester Castle and Cathedral and is in the Parish of St. John Fisher.  As a church school, we place a strong emphasis on creating an ethos based on the gospel values, whilst still maintaining recognition of the need to reflect the variety of religious traditions and diversity of our society.  Developing positive spiritual and moral values underpins our pastoral day-to-day work.  One of our greatest assets is the caring, family atmosphere, which we create through knowing each child individually and being aware of their different needs.

We believe our children deserve the very best.  Within the school mission statement it says that the aims of the school are "to nourish the growth of all its members as persons illuminated by the light of Christ".  Our staff work as a team to support learners to reach their potential within a stimulating learning environment and a rich curriculum while the pupils are polite, happy and very enthusiastic.  We will continually strive for excellence and give all children the confidence to achieve their true potential.

Children can achieve amazing results with the support of the staff, our church family, their peers, and of course, you as parents. I look forward to working alongside you and if there are any concerns that do arise, please come and tell us so that we can solve them together.

At St. William of Perth Catholic Primary School we believe that we can only truly achieve the best for your child by close co-operation between home and school.  In the following pages you will learn more of our school.  Do please take the time for your child’s sake to visit us and to find out at firsthand about how we work.

Application and admission details are given in the prospectus, and if you need further assistance, please contact me.

We will look forward to welcoming you and your child as part of our school family.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J. Willis

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