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What was William doing in Rochester?

William wanted to travel from Perth to Jerusalem. He stopped at Rochester before travelling to Rome.

William was a baker in Scotland. William was a kind, caring person and he gave every tenth loaf to the poor people.

Was William good for Rochester? Why?

William found a little boy outside a church, which he adopted and raised as his own. William named him David.

Why do you think our school was named after Saint William of Perth?

The Rochester Monks gave William and David a bed for the night as there was no place to stay.

Can you make up a prayer to Saint William of Perth?

While William and David were still in Rochester David killed William, his adopted father.

Why do you think David killed William?

The Monks made a shrine for William in Rochester where visitors would go if they had an injury in a part of their body. They would pray that Saint William of Perth could heal it.

Why do you think William was made a Saint?

Heavenly Father, Creator God,

We thank you that you have made us in your own image and given us joy in making something beautiful for You in these panels.

We pray that You will use them to draw others to You.

We thank You for the good example of St William of Perth.

May we, like him, be generous to the poor, kind to those in need and walk closely with you throughout our lives.