St. William of Perth
Catholic Primary School

Canon Close

Tel: 01634 404267

Year 5 - St George's Class

Year 5
  • Class Teacher: Mr Parr
  • TA(s): Mrs Lingham
  • Patron Saint feast day: 23rd April

Parents' Curriculum Meeting, September 2020 
Please find an introductory video and the link to the presentation below.  

Home Learning

Must complete:
- Handwriting 
- Spelling 
Should complete:
- English extension 
Monday, 23rd November 2020 
English- Read the text and answer the questions underneath. The extension is the grammar work on relative clauses.
Spelling Practice
Here are 10 words taken from the list below. These are your words this week. Practise them, ready for a test on Friday. 
1) bought
2) heard
3) February
4) before 
5) jumped
6) happened
7) friends
8) getting 
9) received 
10) caught 
 Misspelled Words- Here is a link to with a list of commonly misspelled words.
Handwriting- Each day I will post a sheet for you to practise your handwriting- if you are unable to print the sheet out, you can still copy the words out in your books.
Times Tables - Use your log in details for Times Table Rock Stars Here is a link to lots of other free times table online games
You can also use the times table grids which were sent home with your spelling lists.
GPAS Glossary - This link will help your understand words/ phrases used when  completing grammar and punctuation work. 
Other Useful Websites
There are a number of Maths games on the Topmarks website. 
The Science Museum have created a booklet of fun experiments that you can try at home. Click here to open the booklet and have a go at some kitchen science!



Why not use purplemash to develop your Information technology skills. You will need your login and password to access this home learning site.